borrowers home ownership!

By becoming ECF Grant Fund Certified you will have the ability to match your client with one of three grant funds available that are fit to your clients needs and qualifications! 

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Find a lender thats approved to distribute the grant products and start closing clients

Grant Programs

With three programs offering grant funds, your borrower is sure to fit into one.

Government Approved Funds

Grant funds are government approved and are 100% Grant funds.

Benefit your clients With A Grant!

Instant Equity

Through the Eagle Connect Fund Grant Programs, you keep your money in your pocket. This means instant equity in the home you just bought. 

No Second Liens

We believe in a head start, not starting you behind. All Eagle Connect Fund products are 100% Grant funds. This means no 2nd lien/mortgage on you.

100% Financed Grant

Typical down payment assistance programs that most lenders offer require a 2nd lien in order to provide you with the funds. Our funds are 2nd Lien free, and completely 100% grant funds. This means no repayment by you. 

What Our Customers say

We had great credit but were struggling to save for a down payment. Working with our realtor & mortgage company we were able to buy our first home by taking advantage of a grant, which gave us instant equity day one. Thank you Eagle Connect!

Chris & Crystal - Homeowners

Since implementing Eagle Connect Fund's down payment grants, we have seen an immediate increase in new originations

Michael Rutland - Loan Officer

Using a conventional grant has helped us and allowed us to be aggressive in helping our buyers secure a property, all the while keeping our home owners savings for other things

Lindsay S. - Realtor, Impower Realty

Detailed Requirements

Pick a program that best fits your clients needs and qualifications with your lender.


  • Conventional Loan Product
  • Underlying 1st Mortgage, Fannie Mae HomeReady®, 30-year Fixed Rate*
  • 1st Time Homebuyer requirement
  • 3% down- Provided in Full by Eagle Connect Fund
  • 1-Unit Single Family Primary Residence: Including Eligiblee condos, co-ops and PUDs
  • Reduced MI to 25%
  • Non-occupant Co-Borrowers/Co-signers may be permissible
  • Up to 100% of AMI
  • No income limit in low income census tracts
  • Cash Back to Borrower: Refund of borrower’s earnest deposit money
  • 640+ Credit score to qualify
  • 680+ Credit score may get even better pricing

FHA (Currently Unavailable)

  • No 1st Time Homebuyer Requirement
  • 3.5% Down – Provided in Full by Eagle Connect Fund
  • Up to 120% AMI
  • 620+ Credit Score to Qualify
  • Maximum Loan Amount: Varies by County & State per FHA Guidelines
  • Underlying 1st Mortgage FHA Loan Product 203 (b) & 203(c)
  • FHA 203 (b) 1-2 Unit Primary Residence
  • FHA 203 (c) Condo Unit Primary Residence


  • Conventional Loan Product
  • Underlying 1st Mortgage Fannie Mae Conventional, 30 Yr Fixed Rate*
  • 1-Unit Single Family Primary Residence: Including eligible condos, co-ops and PUDs
  • MI 30%-35%
  • 640+ Credit Score
  • 5% Down – 3% provided by Eagle Connect Fund, 2% provided by borrower or other Gift Funds
  • Up to 120% AMI
  • No 1st time homebuyer requirement
  • 3% Down – Provided in full by Eagle Connect Fund
  • NO income limits
  • Must be 1st time homebuyer
  • Up to $721,050 loan amount, varies by county and state per FNMA guidelines