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Need a Down Payment
to Buy A Home?
We can help.
Make the American Dream a reality
with a Down Payment Grant from Eagle Connect
Become a Certified
Realtor or Loan Officer
Provide clients with the American Dream NOW.
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Approved Lender.
Grant Clients With The American Dream of Homeownership.
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The American Dream, now possible for all

The cost of living is always on the rise and income is stagnant, so we know you need new solutions. Eagle Connect is here to give you that solution with up to 3.5% down-payment grant for borrowers. 

LBC Funding is a Federally Chartered Government Agency. Down Payment funds are provided to homebuyer’s through LBC Funding’s down payment assistance fund, also known as the Eagle Connect Fund. These down payment funds are offered through Grant Funds 

Eagle Connect Fund is not a mortgage lender, rather, a provider of funds to make this program possible. Through one of our approved correspondent lenders you are provided the opportunity of receiving these funds. For more info on how to apply for the fund contact an approved lender. 

Find Clients
Grant Program

Down payment grant programs fit & made specially for your clients!

Lending With A Purpose

The American Dream
Up To 3.5%

Provide Clients with a down payment up to 3.5%

Instant Equity With
A Grant

Keep money in clients pockets.

Sell the Product
Be Certified

Be a cavalier to the hottest DPA on the market.

Boost Business,
Close Loans

Keep business booming with a new product.

A Fast & Easy Process

Choose a Loan Product

You and a certified lender will determine what loan products fits your needs and qualifications.

Close On Your Loan

Our certified lender will work with you to complete the mortgage loan process

Receive Grant Funds

Once you have signed and closed on your new mortgage loan, the Eagle Connect Down payment Grant is sent to your title company for disbursement of funds. Enjoy your new home!

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