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We are Eagle Connect. United in the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to soar, we understand that the best way to accomplish this is by investing wealth back into our own American Economy.
Eagle Connect is a collective of trailblazers who, over the decades, have spearheaded mortgage innovation and have led the way to a revolutionary new housing finance system.
Our investors are celebrating 30 years of creating homeownership opportunities for individuals and families and have a total of $70 Billion financed results to date. They believe it making homeownership affordable too and have found a way to provide more than $5 billion in down payment assistance since 1995.

What Our Customers say


We had great credit but were struggling to save a down payment. Working with our realtor and mortgage company we were able to buy our first home with no money down and already have equity day one! - Thank you Eagle Connect!

Chris & Crystal
Real Estate Agent

Using the conventional grant has helped us and allowed us to be aggressive in helping our buyers secure a property, all the while keeping their savings for other things.

Lindsey Snow
Loan Originator

Since implementing Eagle Connect Fund Down Payment Grant, we have seen an immediate increase in new originations.

Jasmine Letsinger
Loan Officer
United Security Financial
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Correspondent Lenders Serviced
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Philosophy, Promise and ONE Goal


Connect the Gap. Create the win!
We, at Eagle Connect, are invested wholly in the American Dream and we believe that Homeownership is an integral step towards your financial freedom and prosperity for you.  Life. Liberty. The Pursuit of the American Dream.
This is the stuff we’re made of.  We hold the same ideals close to our hearts that founded our country and have kept it great for centuries and we want to create the opportunity for you to create that American dream for yourself.


Our mission, as stated above is to give you, no matter who you are, the American dream of owning a home and we aim to do that by delivering sustainable solutions to bridge the gap within the national housing market.
The cost of living is always on the rise and income is stagnant, so we know you need new solutions.  Eagle Connect is here to give you that solution with our 3% down-payment grant to borrowers of approved Correspondent Lenders with Conventional Loans.


Our goal for the future is to bring additional financing options for new build projects and energy efficient homes to the market.